School Holiday Fun At Kidchella!

The fun isnt just reserved for birthday parties!

Here at Kidchella we LIVE for School Holidays where we can share the Kidchella Magic to one & all with our carefully crafted Workshops & Experiences.

These April School Holidays we have FIVE bespoke events on offer.

Theres something for every age & interest.

Spaces at our events are strictly limited to adhere to safe child to adult supervision ratios.

Book early to avoid disappointment!

Team Kidchella xo

Are You Ready For It?!

We present The Swiftie Experience these school holidays, where we celebrate all things Taylor Swift with music, dancing, and good vibes!

Tickets are strictly limited- available though Eventbrite.


9:00 am - 9:30 am
Enchanted To Meet You!

Our "Taylors" from different Eras greet our Swifties for a day filled with friendship, activities & life lessons on the world according to Taylor Swift! After sign in our Taylors present Swifties with their VIP lanyard & then "stamp" our Swifties with the all important glitter "13" on their hand before leading everyone to the "Mosh Pit" (AKA the Eras Concert Viewing Area).

9:30 am - 10:30 am
The Lover Era

Here our Swifties watch the drama unfold with a viewing of Taylors "Lover" set from her Eras Tour before our Lover Taylor takes our Swifties to the all important FRIENDSHIP BRACELET making station to create their very own bracelets to keep or trade with new friends throughout the day.

10:30 am - 11:00 am
Morning Tay-Tea Time

After a busy morning creating bracelets we take our Swifties back to the Viewing Room to grab a bite while Tay bashes out her Fearless set on the Big Screen!

11:00 am - 11:30 am
Fearless Fact Finding

We all know how much Taylor loves dropping "Easter Eggs" for fans to discover so we test our Swifties detective skills with a
Taylor Emoji Quiz. Next we ask our Swifties to pick their own Swiftie Song Lyric Quote Card to keep & share the quote & the Swiftie wisdom with their new found friends. There are many lessons in kindness, boundaries & dreaming big in Taylor lyrics to inspire our young VIP's to be FEARLESS!

11:30 am - 12:30 pm
Evermore Era Art

Our Evermore Taylor leads our Swifties to the Whimsical "Evermore" room full of lace teepees, boho vibes & pretty vines for our Swifties to paint their very own Paint By Numbers Butterfly Prints to take home..... all set to the background of the chilled & moody Evermore album.

12:30 pm - 1:00 pm
Reputation Revive & Refuel

Our Swifties enjoy their lunch while taking in the fierceness of the Reputation set in the viewing room before their next VIP activity.... Are You Ready For It?!

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
The Red Rebrand

There's "A LOT going on" this hour & it's all Taylors on deck! This hour is makeover time with face gems, glitter face paint designs & hair accents (as well as a bite of afternoon tea) in preparation for what's next.....

2:00 pm - 2:30 pm
We Never Go Out Of Style

This is a special day so we want to CAPTURE IT REMEMBER IT! Our Swifties will enjoy a photo shoot with all Taylors, eras & new friends to remember their special day. Theres fun props- accessories backdrops for each era & of course the 1989 soundtrack piping through the set to create the vibe! All of the photos will be available via a google drive folder after the day for you to download & keep.

2:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Good Karma Is Our End Game

It's been a big day so there's noting better to bring it home with a vigorous dance session (with pom poms of course!) to Shake It Off. We close out our day with Taylor herself delivering the grand finale song & all of our Swifts swapping bracelets with their new found friends to bring them great Karma as our day draws to a close.... leaving Glitter On The Floor until next time....

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Calling All Budding Scientists

This super fun and interactive workshop is perfect for your school holiday fun!

Our budding Scientists will be greeted by Igor and get into their all important lab coats to begin their shift at the lab!

Our scientists will experience experiments such as cause and effect, chemical reactions with with test tubes, pipettes and beakers, and there may even be some smoke and explosions! (Only preformed by our scientist in controlled setting of course!)

Scientists then enjoy a fun science themed drink break (Parents- Pack a small afternoon tea snack to go with it!)

Finally our budding scientists make their own slime to take home with resin trinkets to mix in to make it uniquely their own!

Suitable for girls and boys aged 4.5 years and up.

Tickets $45 plus Eventbrite Fees
Limited Spots Available

Sprinkle The Glitter!

Theres nothing like a pamper day with your bestie!

Upon arrival besties will choose the hair extension ponytail that takes their fancy. We have a range of colours available at The Braid Bar. Mermaid hues, unicorn pastels, rainbow & solid block colours in either a straight or wavy ponytail option.

Next- it's pamper time!

Our Besties slip into pink satin robes & are brought to their perfectly pink velvet chair. One bestie will kick back &relax with their "pink champagne" while enjoying a relaxing foot soak, face mask & nail painting while the other bestie is getting her chosen extension secured before finishing off the look with hair & face glitter & some face gems.


The hair pieces are 100% reusable so you can recreate the look over &over again at home!
The session is approx 1 hour in duration & is $100 inclusive of two pamper hosts, all hair products, pamper products, pony tail, glitter & gems for both besties.

The Braid Bar Bestie Experience is now taking bookings for Saturdays in April & additional days in the April School Holidays.

Limited spots available. Book early to avoid disappointment.

Secret Fairy Business!

We cant even tell you how excited we are! Her Royal Fairyness Fizgig is coming to Kidchella to scout for fairy talent!
Usually working in absolute secret under a cloak of moondust- Fizgig is going to share some TOP SECRET fairy business with budding fairies- to- be for just one morning only.
Fizgig and her Fairy friends will be sharing the secret art of wand making with all of our fairies in training making their very own wand, face painting beautiful designs on every child, sharing fairy stories, playing games and finishing off with a fairy high tea and a very special wish sent to fairy land with a puff of pixie dust to end this special day.
Spaces are strictly limited. Only true Fairy beleivers should apply.
Please no Imps, Goblins or Naughty Pixies by order of Fairy Management.
Please check out all of the exciting things Fizgig has planned below!

9:30 am - 9:30 am
A Fairy Warm Welcome

Fizgig will be giving our fairies a fairy special welcome with a fairy dust sprinkling & revealing what the children's SPECIAL TOP SECRET Fairy Name will be!

9:30 am - 10:30 am
Secret Wand Making Business

Fizgig will be showing our Fairies in Training the ancient art of wand making using colouring pens, glitter & sequins in all the colours of the rainbow. Each Fairy will be making their own wand to take home.

10:30 am - 11:00 am
Fairy Games & Story

Fizgig will lead dance & games before offering our Fairies some light refreshments while they enjoy a fairytale.

11:00 am - 11:30 am
Fairy Face Painting & Photos

Using fairy props & a magical backdrop we capture your little ones special moment with the Fairies. Our Fairy Friends will be getting every Fairy photo ready with bespoke face painting for every child.

11:30 am - 12:00 pm
Fairy High Tea

It's been a big morning of training for our fairies so it's time for a fairy picnic! With sandwiches, sweets & of course fairy bread along with Fairy Pink Rose Water to celebrate with our new friends on the successful morning of Fairy Training. Each child gets a Certificate of Fairy Training Completion before its time for Fizgig to fly back to fairyland

Princess Bootcamp!

Join us for a royally unforgettable experience at Kidchella!

Upon arrival our princesses & princes enter through our Castle Gates &are presented with their tiaras or crowns for the duration of their time in Kingdom Kidchella

Next- Princess Elsa makes an appearance to teach our Princesses a little graceful ballet before Princesses Izabella take our VIPS to the craft area to make some bracelets & practice our colouring art.

Princess Mirabelle is sure to be a favourite with our more rough & Tumble princesses as she leads a rousing percussion session to the soundtrack of Encanto!

After a quick bite of morning tea- our princesses change into one of our many princess outfits (complete with some face sparkles) for a Royal Family Photo Shoot in front of the magic castle.

Our princesses will be sure to ensure that individual shots with the characters are taken as well! All photos will be sent via Google Drive link after our time together.

After a busy morning our Princesses will change out of their official princess outfits away from the adoring crowds and will enjoy a morning tea of mini cupcakes, fairy bread, cheese & crackers & royal cordial.

Finally its time to say goodbye with our Goodbye Song.

Our princesses leave with their craft, a special offer from Kidchella & our sister kingdom Australian Dance & Talent Centre, some extra glitter & a smile.

This workshop is designed for princesses & princes 3-6 years & Parents (AKA Royal dressers & ladies & gentlemen in waiting) are encouraged to stay & watch the fun unfold!